How to Register & Use ( )

How to Register & Use ( )

On the top bar click on "Control Panel" in desktop version and "Menu - Control Panel" in tablets & mobiles version, will appear small menu , choose from the given options "Register as a new User" then fill in a special form to register as a Private user or as a company or as a representative, by being registered in the website ( ) , means you have agreed about the terms of the users agreement .

 After filling out the form correctly you will receive a message on your email used in registration process, contains the name of the user within the site and a temporary password .



Note: before you log in, activate your membership and your temporary password by Clicking on the activation link sent to your email .

         After the registration is completed, you can access the list of new members, click on "User Control Panel" to view the menu options .

Note: the password sent to your email is a temporary password and can be changed via "User Control Panel" which will appear after completing the log in .

Note: If you lost or forgot your password, click on "Forgot Password" and fill out the required form to create a new temporary password .

         After filling out the form correctly you will receive an email with a new password, This temporary password must be activated before use, activation via password activation link sent to your email .



Add new advertisement

After you logged in, in the top bar click “User control panel", a special menu will appear, choose from this menu and click on "Create your ad", then special form will appear .

On the top bar of this form there are special listing tabs for the property advertisement that you want to add, through these tabs, you can add a title, description of the property, its location, property area, property view, and price as well.

Note: If your ad is ready, you have to wait for the website operator to activate it, then it will be placed on the main list of the website .

Note: you can check you advertisements from your "Control panel" menu, you can change or edit or delete your advertisement whenever you want surly after your advertisement are activated by the the website operator .

Necessarily after filling out all the forms, click on the left corner ( Save ).



Add a photo of the property

Through one of the tabs for creating a new ad, you can upload a photo of the property, then you can click “Set as mainly" to the image you want to show as primarily for  the advertisement .

Locate the property on the map

Through a tab for locating properties on the map, you can select an icon specific to the type of the property (  for apartments  , for offices , for houses , for plots of land  , etc. )  Then you can move it and put it in the specific region you want on the map .

Note: there is no need to put the icon property exactly on the physical address of place of residence, it is recommended to show the area and not the actual address.



Important tips:

* (title of ads), remember that the title should contain the distinctive features of your property which will attract the interest of seeking (for example, 'comfortable for the family ' or ' close to the sea ', etc.)

* (real estate on a map), the last tab is a map showing the area of the property. You can select an icon and put it in a particular region on the map. It is recommended to show the exact and actual area.

* Please fill in as much as needed in the form. Such ads have chances for bigger popularity. It is designed to provide as much information which seeker needs.

* (Copy to all languages), this option allows you to increase the chance that your ad will be seen outside Cyprus. Automatically by clicking on it, your ad is translated in Polish and Arabic.







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